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By PB:

Thank you for letting me know that the flowers were delivered. As a matter of fact I had a video link with my daughter when they arrived this morning, and I would like to thank you for completing the order so well, the flowers looked beautiful and the balloons were excellent, I shall certainly use your service again, I was very impressed, especially as you had tried to deliver them earlier and my daughter was out, brilliant service, thank you. Regards,

By VC:

The flowers and cake were exactly what I had hoped for. My girlfriend loved the suprise. I really appreciate all the effort you and your staff put into this. Thanks for the great work! Warm regards,

By AK:

My flowers were delivered and he loved them. I just wanted to say, 'thanks for making such a lovely arrangement.' You guys top every florist I have ever dealt with in the US . As long as my heart is inDubai I will always use your services. The thing is, I discovered you guys while I was in Dubai two months ago. You guys are wonderful. Thank You. Best Regards,

By MA:

Another perfect delivery, with a personal touch as always . Thank you Regards,

By Radu:

Hi Tiffany, the flowers were delivered and they made a great impression. Thank you for your excellent service and very fast communications and solutions. Best regards, a very happy customer :)

By MS:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a job well done â?¦ The flowers are great and the recipient loved them !! Thank you for your courtesy and professionalism â?¦ If I am in need for flowers I know where to go â??UpScale & Poshâ?? Kind regards,

By Dina:

Hi, I would like to thank you for your extra ordinary service, speed delivery, and the special care about the quality of flowers delivered. I really appreciated the fast and efficient communication and the very friendly and helpful staff. Every one who participated in sending those flowers vowed to use your service again and were impressed with the quality of service. The recipient of flowers was very happy and delighted, she specifically mentioned how beautiful the flowers were :) Thank you again, Dina

By JB:

Many thanks for arranging at short notice. Best regards,

By JF:

Dear Upscale and Posh, Thank you very much for your excellent services. My Girlfriend was very very pleased with the roses and vase they were supplied in. Your service was fantastic, especially when i had to change the dates of delivery twice due to the death in her family...Thank you for the excellent service Upscale and Posh! As long as my Grirlfriend is in Dubai i will be using your flower services! Thanking you kindly,

By FP:

Thank you so much for the fine job you did regarding my recent order!! The cheesecake, I was told was absolutely beautiful and was delivered as promised in great shape! We are so greatful to have found your web site and definitely will be return customers!! The cheesecake was everything as promised and more!! Thank you for making a birthday so very special and helping us from so many miles away!! Sincerely,

By Atul:

Many thanks... The bouquet is delivered. Thanks for the crystal heart. That's wonderful of you. You're my personal official flower shop now. Best Regards,

By PD:

Hi, Many thanks for the prompt delivery of my order. I have used your services for the first time and found it to be extremely professional and of high standards. The pictures of my order delivery is an excellent piece of work. You truly understand the sentimental values of ones feelings. Thank you!

By MD:

Thanks so much for all your support and the bouquet was really beautiful and exotic and my Mum really loved the flowers and it made her birthday a very special one. Thanks again for your superb service. Take Care and a very good day,

By MB:

Never before have I experienced such quality service. I will definitely be using you again. The flowers were lovely! Regards,

By NA:

My wife loved it. Excellent service... Many thanks

By CC:

oh my goodness!!!! This basket is SO gorgeous -- much more than I expected!!! I'm so thrilled I can't find the words to express my gratitude. Because of you my Christmas is better than I could have dreamed. And the picture of my daughter standing there smiling when she receives them - crying here! I can't help but believe it was divine intervention when I found your website out of all the websites there are to choose from. Thank you a million times over. If there is anything at all I can ever do for you from here, please do not hesitate to call on me. Have a beautiful Christmas -- from my daughter and myself...

By VW:

Thank you for the updates! I just spoke with him and he is very happy and surprised about it! I saw the picture too and I have to say, you don't disappoint!!! keep up the good work! and I will most definitely recommend you to my friends!

By DW:

YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST....THANK YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH! I really appreciate this and I certainly won't hesitate to use your service again. I will be happy to write a testimonial for you, but I'm sure you have enough already lol Thank you all very much you have made my day [ and my girlfriend's too I hope :) ] Yours Truly,

By NC:

I would like to thank you for such professional service. I could not even expect it. Thanks a lot and I look forward to work with you in future.

By RD:

Thank you the order looks magnificent. And thank you for the crystal heart! Best Wishes,

By RA:

I just wanted to say that Upscale and Posh have made me a very happy man. The flowers and box of chocolates were delivered immaculately and really made my wife happy. I would like to send a big thanks to the staff of Upscale and Posh and congratulate them on the excellent quality of service you provide. I certainly look forward to using your services again.

By VS:

Thank you once again for the efficient service. The order looks very beautiful, and I am sure my sister will appreciate the birthday present. I am very happy with the service, and will definitely place my next order which will be around the end of this month with you again. Thanking you sincerely,

By AK:

WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW Hi, I dont have words to describe your job, just want to say that now onward I won't go for any other florist, thanx a lot for all this special arrangement to you and to entire team of up scale & posh. thanx for the addition of stems and cristal heart which are looking ammazing and giving a very precious and tranperent image. I ve seen many times each angle of this bouquet and each time I praised your wonderful work. I am sure your company is a successful one as it is blessed by efficient, competent, hard working and so understanding person like you. I know I have bothered you a lot of time, but this was a very important delivery for my and this is my first time expirience buying flowers online, I seen a lot other which were comparitivly cheaper in price but I wanted to go for the quality you gave me with an extraordanary added value. Best of luck in future and thanx again. Best regards,

By N:

A very big thank you to everyone at UpSclae & Posh. You've made birthdays, valentines day and the holidays a very special time for my mom who lives in Dubai. She has enjoyed every gift basket, cake and flower arrangements sent to her from UpScale & Posh. Keep up the good work!

By HA:

Thank you for the beautiful photos, basket, and service. I'm quite pleased with your wonderful service and professionalism. My friend was quite pleased with your flowers and the beautiful box, I guess she is on her way to be a customer of yours as well as her colleagues :). I'm looking forward for my next order from your website. Kindest regards,

By MN:

Thank you very much, as usual your service is GREAT and the pictures look awesome :) loved it. Best regards,

By MD:

Hi there, Just to say thank you very much for your excellent service regarding the order below ...

By SB:

Thank You sooo much for the confirmation. I must say that I loved your service and was totally prompt. You service really went beyond my expectations. Also, you guys informed us about the Mother's day being delivered at May 14th when I accidentally put May 12th on the order. Thank you soo much. I would definitely do more orders in the near future again. Thanks so much. Really really made my day Thanks and Best Regards,

By AK:

I just wanted to thank you for taking care of my order in last minute. She has got it and I heard you did a great job. For next time I will give you enough time to process for on time delivery. I know it was so demanding but you made it happened.Also I would like to let you know,your bouquet & flowers are so diffrent from others and I am so happy of finding your company. Regards,

By MP:

Simply Wow! What a magnificently presented birthday gift! We have just been talking to our daughter and she was thrilled to bits. This is the objective of the exercise. Thank you and your people so much for â??doing that little bit extraâ??. Nothing is too much. This is the second time I have used you guys and the service just keeps getting better & better. I look forward to using you many more times over the next few years while our daughter is in Dubai. My wife & I are due to visit Dubai in July next year and we will pay you guys a visit and thank you in person. Cheers,

By KD:

Amazing customer service and I have to add you have a wonderful site. I didnâ??t know what to select and I did want to send her tulips but since the occasion is our anniversary I thought roses would be more appropriate. You can be sure that Iâ??ll be using your services again in the future, just wish I knew of your site earlier.

By MR:

Thank you so much for your efforts and kind services. The arrangement is amazing. Regards,

By AA:

They are beautiful!! i didn't expect them to be like that ...thank you so much, I'm really thankful, you are too helpful.

By M:

Last week I ordered flowers for my Mom who was in the hospital. I wanted to thank you for sending them so fast. My Mom said they are still blooming where as all the other flowers she recieved have died. I have since placed an order from my Grandmother and reccomended you to my aunts. Thank you so much for taking such good care of my family. Most Sincerely,

By SJ:

Good afternoon, I just wanted to say a big thank you for the care and attention that has clearly been shown to my flower order. The presentation of the flowers and chocolates have certainly exceeded my expectations. I will most definitely recommend your company to friends. Once again, thank you so much for such a beautiful arrangement. Kindest regards,

By S:

Thank you very much. My wife got the flowers and cake. She loved it very much. I really like your service and I will order in the future.

By MP:

Dear UpScale & Posh, You have all been terrific! The extra effort you went to get my flowers to my daughter was fantastic. I will be saying this on Janeâ??s blog and hopefully all the other Australian Mums & Dads will read it and use your service. Apparently, the flowers and balloon were beautiful â?? I will see a photo in due course. Regards

By AM:

Hi ,I'd just like to say "Thank you!" for the exceptional delivery service and excellent quality of the flowers. The flower arrangment was fantastic and artisticly tasteful. I was very pleased with transaction and will defintely be using your services again. Thank you! Regards,

By GH:

Thank you very much for the excellent service and quality product delivered. I'm very impressed and for sure will use your services again..

By Atul:

Thank you for a great service. Flowers were great and our client was very happy. We will keep you on file as we often send flowers within Dubai. Best regards,

By AP:

Thank you very much. My sister was delighted with her flowers and commented on the friendly service. Thanks once again,

By LH:

Thank you so much for your kind message and for sending all those photos of the gift arrangement for our granddaughter, and her mum and dad.The flowers have been very well received and I'm sure the mementoes that you so generously included will be treasured.It is reassuring to know that such personal and caring service is available so many miles from where we are living! We will certainly use your services again, as and when an occasion arises.Once again, many thanks! Yours sincerely,

By JK:

You are the best florist I have ever used! Again thank you for your outstanding customer support and service.

By WD:

What a fantastic service...........From start to finish. Thank you

By NP:

Dear Tiffani Thank you so much for your assistance. The flower was great my wife loved it so as her officemates and I saw it too via skype and it was truly an amazing arrangement. Best of all your service was outstanding, thank you for delivering my order on time even at a very short notice. Until next time, more power to your company. Best regards, NP

By SR:

Thank you. I am very impressed both by your efficiency and levels of customer service Best regards,

By MN:

Thank you very much, this is my third order with you guys and I got really an excellent comment from my friend who received the flowers. Great service. Thank you,

By MS:

Hi there,Thanks for the delivery. The delivery guy was great, because the security guard wouldn't let him enter the compound as my friend wasn't at home yet. The delivery guy waited about 20 minutes outside for my friend to get home. For that, I would like to thank him. Really appreciate the kind gesture. I won't hesitate to order from your website again the next time I need flowers or gifts delivered.

By AK:

Many thanks for the prompt and speedy delivery of the flowers. Kind Regards,

By NJ:

Thank you very much the arrangement is fabulous and the recipient thanked me so much for it, he actually loved it. I will definitely deal with you again as I really enjoyed your service. Cheers,

By RA:

I just wanted to say that Upscale and Posh have made me a very happy man. The flowers and box of chocolates were delivered immaculately and really made my wife happy. I would like to send a big thanks to the staff of Upscale and Posh and congratulate them on the excellent quality of service you provide. I certainly look forward to using your services again.

By FS:

I am writing to inform you that the item I ordered was delivered in a more than perfect condition. The recipient shared the baked goods with coworkers and I got to taste some as well. If I may say, the goods had the taste of home (The US) in them which kept every american person who had them long for more home made muffins and baked goods I will certainly be ordering from upscale and posh again, and I will definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to send a memorable gift. It was well worth the money Keep up the good work and looking forward to do more business with you

By TF:

And many thanks to you all for a fantastic and efficient service. I will definitely use you again (and recommend you) as and when the need arises. Regards,

By CZ:

I just want to take a moment to thank you all for making the delivery of the flowers. The gift was superb and lovely. The recipent loved the gift and brought her to tears. Thank you,

By Atul:

The flowers and cake were exactly what I had hoped for. My girlfriend loved the suprise. I really appreciate all the effort you and your staff put into this. Thanks for the great work. Warm regards, Atul


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